Learning Disability

Learning Disabilities (LD) occur when a child is not making expected academic gains in the classroom environment.  Teachers are often the first to note that a child is not progressing adequately in one or more academic areas.  For example, a child may be struggling with aspects of reading (e.g., letter-sound identification, reading comprehension, reading fluency), mathematics (e.g., rote math skills, problem solving), or writing (e.g., idea generation, production, fluency) and require additional support or intervention to help increase his/her skills in these areas.

LD assessment typically includes cognitive and academic assessment, with the possibility of further exploration into areas of difficulty (e.g., language, working memory, fine motor aspects of reading, etc.).  Recommendations are specifically tailored to the needs of your child and suggestions for support both at home and at school are provided.

For more information about assessment for a learning disability or to speak with our team about undertaking an assessment, please email us at info@inspirechildpsychology.ca.