ADOS-2 Reliability Training

ADOS-2 Reliability Training

If you want to use the ADOS-2 for research purposes and/or if you want to enhance your clinical administration and coding skills, then you will want to complete an advanced reliability training course.  The process involves first attending and completing an ADOS-2 Clinical training course and then attending an ADOS-2 Reliability Training. Reliability training is three days and involves more intensive instruction on the administration and psychometrics of the instrument, working in small groups on administering and scoring the ADOS-2, and discussion and question/answer about specific administration and coding issues.

The first day will entail a detailed and in depth review of the ADOS-2 to provide trainees with a refresher on the mechanics of administration.  In addition, a discussion on important considerations for coding each of the modules will be provided.  The second  and third days will focus on administration of the measure. Trainees will individually administer a module to a volunteer child with ASD (one trainee will administer in each of the morning or afternoon of the second and third days).  These administrations will be observed by Dr. McCrimmon, who will also code the administrations.  Subsequently, a detailed coding discussion will occur during which your accuracy of coding will be determined.

After the workshop, you will be provided with DVD administrations of the ADOS-2 and scored protocols to view and score for reliability.  You must have 80% or greater agreement with the provided protocols and algorithms to proceed to the final stage.

Once you have demonstrated accuracy in coding of the provided DVDs, you will submit DVDs of yourself administering the remaining modules that you did not administer during the observed time with Dr. McCrimmon (including the protocols) for review.  Dr. McCrimmon will watch and code the administrations (the specific modules will be determined while you are on site for the training) and will code them independently of your protocols.  Your administrations much be of high quality (feedback will be provided) and your coding must reach 80% or greater agreement on both the protocol and algorithm (independent of each other).  This information can also be viewed here.

Through completion of this advanced course, you will:

  • Learn advanced considerations for administration and coding of the ADOS-2
  • Take part in administrations of the ADOS-2 and practice scoring and coding
  • Obtain experience that will enhance your future administrations with the measure

Your Involvement

  • Attend the 3 day training session
  • Read and bring your own ADOS-2 manual (available through WPS; ADOS-2 protocols will be provided)
  • Be prepared to engage in the administration of administrations with volunteer individuals with ASD
  • Be prepared to discuss behaviours observed during the demonstration administrations and the coding for each administration

Dates and Times

Modules 1-4

Monday, December 16, 2019: 9:00 – 5:00
Tuesday, December 17, 2019: 9:00 – 5:00
Wednesday, December 18, 2019: 9:00 – 5:00


  • $2750 (plus GST and applicable paypal fees = $2974.05)

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation and reversal of your payment without penalty can only happen up to 3 weeks following payment.  After that time, there will be a fee for cancellation (as per paypal’s transaction policies).

I will have a training package and protocols for use during the training for each registered trainee that will be distributed on the morning of the first day of training.  Trainees are responsible for bringing their own ADOS-2 manual (which can be purchased via the test publisher, WPS, here).

Training Details

Interested professionals who would like to register for the training, be placed on the waitlist, or who have specific program questions are encouraged to email  Please indicate your desire to attend the ADOS-2 reliability training, and provide information about your professional credentials and where/when you completed your clinical training on the measure.

Please note: The ADOS-2 is a protected measure, and only registered professionals (or students working towards registration) are able to attend this training.

Workshop Speakers:

This training session will be instructed by Dr. Adam McCrimmon, R.Psych. Dr. McCrimmon is an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary and the Director of the Autism Spectrum Education, Research, and Training (ASERT) lab. He is a Certified Independent Trainer for the ADOS-2 and ADI-R.

Workshop Location:

This workshop will be held at The Ability Hub, located in the 3rd floor of the Child Development Centre (CDC) across the street from the Alberta Children’s Hospital. A map of the area can be found here. The Ability Hub can accessed by taking the elevator to the third floor and then turning right. Parking is best accessed via Lot 53 outside of the CDC as shown here. There will be light refreshments for breakfast and snacks during the day, but trainees will be responsible for their own lunch.


Hotel Alma, which is located on the University of Calgary campus a short distance away from The Ability Hub, is an option for people who are coming in from out of town.  Details can be found at  As an alternative, there is a selection of hotels about 1 km. away from the University of Calgary (Best Western, Comfort Inn, Ramada, Travelodge).

Workshop Registration:

Registration for this session is now closed.