Our Team


Dr. Adam McCrimmon

Dr. Adam McCrimmon is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta who has degrees in both school and clinical psychology.  He has extensive experience with diagnosis and intervention of many childhood disorders, including cognitive disabilities, learning disabilities, giftedness, ADHD, and mental health issues (i.e, anxiety and depression), and he works closely with school systems to promote child learning and development.  With over 18 years’ experience, he specializes in assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  He is a Certified Trainer for the ADOS-2 and ADI-R (one of 3 in Western Canada), considered the “gold standard” measures in the assessment of ASD.

To contact Adam, please email adam*at*inspirechildpsychology.ca



 Dr. Emma Climie

Dr. Emma Climie is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta with degrees in School Psychology (Ph.D.) and Cognition and Cognitive Development (M.Sc.).  She has experience in the assessment and diagnosis of a wide variety of childhood conditions, including ADHD, learning and cognitive disabilities, giftedness, and social-emotional disorders.  Dr. Climie takes a strengths-based approach to working with children, with the goal of supporting areas of need through building on areas of competence.

To contact Emma, please email emma*at*inspirechildpsychology.ca